Atlanta: Accorded City

Part 2
Baring our teeth

We are going to find Elijah. We need to find him. I think he doing some bad things to people. A.T. turned into a dog, OMG all we need is the Mystery Machine. He’s a hound dog! Uh-oh he is on the trail. After a bit of sniffing, he caught the scent. He smells 3 different supernatural entities. Bec starts to look around and finds something unwholesome, watching us, studying us. Bec starts to feel hot, like someone is glaring at her. We found a basement door. A.T. is going to the basement and he starts to feel like he is being pulled. HOLY COW! A. T turned back into himself and he is naked. We found a person standing there. I think we found Elijah! He smells and is dirty. He takes Heidi’s hands and reads her. She doesn’t like it. We all have a past and we all run from the past. Bec got mad because Elijah said that no one is the champion of the people. He read me. I hate when people do that. He found out I am a Wild Fey and I am wild. He asks for our help, not sure I want to give it to him. Elijah had a vision about the Smart Elf. He saw that he had got burned, but he kept calling him an alien. Heidi says he can actually see the future, but in bits and pieces. When we ask him wat he needs help with, he cant tell us but he can show us. Bec grabs his hand, but I think he is too dirty. I was not going to touch him. I believe that he can see the future, but it has driven him crazy. I think he may drive Bec insane, she is seeing too much. Bec saw Elijah wearing an orange jumpsuit, with chains of fire on his wrists, and a thing suckling on his brain. Elijah had been in jail because he was keeping the drugs and the cop thought he was trying to sell them. The chains on his wrists were put there by a “girl”. He was walking past the Hotel and a girl made him angry and put the chains on him. He killed the emissary. The Ellis aka the Winecoff.
I think that is where we are going next. I think we need to talk to a ghost. This is a nice hotel. I would stay here, if I didn’t know the history of it. Of course I’m going to stay here. I got the boutique package. I’m going to pamper myself. Heidi, I think is talking to some ghosts. The ghost is on the 7th floor and I am on the 7th floor. This is great, I am in room 720. Bec and I take the elevator. Heidi and A.T take the stairs. We go to my room and look around. It is a nice room. I get a one hour massage. Sweet. I love massages. My room is warm a little. I start taking selfies of me and Bec and I see a small head in the background. She is a pretty girl with long brown hair. Something hit Bec’s phone out of her hand and he screen has cracked. Apparently it is her third phone this month. Dude starts talking to the ghost girl and now my room is getting warmer. Why the hell is she so mad, I mean I know why, but it is freaking hot. Heidi finally shows up. This ghost bitch is turning to burn us alive.
Holy Crap!!!! She makes herself known and she is angry at Heidi. I say let the ghost have her, but apparently I like Heidi and I need her. Margaret Wilson-Nichols is the crazy ghost girl. She is angry at Heidi. We are trying to talk her off of the ledge, because I really don’t want her to kill Heidi. That bitch tried to burn her, but she failed. An alligator came out of nowhere and tore off her leg. Man she is pissed off now. Bec finally got her to calm down, just by talking to her.
Heidi asks her who bound her. Margaret was summoned to the cemetery and she was bound. A young girl, black hair, light eyes, and a lot of makeup, bound her at the Oakland Cemetery. She said she was chased by a demon. We have to break her spell. She was summoned twice by herself and once with someone else.
So now Heidi is BFF’s with the ghost. She was hugging her.

Our new adventure
Watch out we bite

On Jan. 24 2012 we get a call from Keisha Powell to fix her problem. Something has happened at Centennial Olympic Park. A police presence was in full force there. Keisha is worried. Keisha introduced us to several people and asked us to introduce ourselves. Heidi, Agent Tyler, and Bec were there, but no biggy. Nickolaus Lofgren is dead, police are investigating. He is the emissary to the night consul to the Smart Elves They are very protective of their own. The Smart elves are going to be pissed. OMG we are part of jury. We are going to past sentence on the suspect. We have until Friday morning to bring him into the Smart Elves. If we don’t bring him in, they will declare war on Atlanta. Office Williams is our lead, our clued in cop. Nickoluas was burned. He spontaneously combusted. Officer Williams reassigned the case to A.T.
Bec starts talking to the witnesses. I go poke the body. Colin Bryce was the one to call it in.
Looking at the body, the man was alive when he caught fire. There are scorch marks on the ground. I think that he was wearing a fit bit and it is missing. We are going to have to get into his residence to log onto to his computer to find out his whereabouts. I think someone created a magic circle so he couldn’t escape. Why would someone do that? In the bushes was a silver knife and some damaged footprints, but they lead away from the body. It looked like someone watch him burn to death and then they walked away. The silver knife is a beauty. A silver Athaim, used in Wicken rituals.
I start following the footprints and they head towards the Aquarium. We get to security, look at some footage, and see a homeless man walk by. Bec seems to recognize him. He hangs out at The Church of the Prophet Elijah in Cabbage Town. The footprints got us nowhere, but the aquarium was nice. A.T made a new “friend” Jonah from the security guy.
We go to Heidi’s “bookstore” to find out more about the Athaim. These are used to make magical circle, it can’t hurt the mortals, but they can break the circle. I went to Starbucks, her bookstore looks run down. I got a CafĂ© Vanilla Frappuccino and a Pumpkin Scone, it was good.
The we went to Cabbage Town, it smells funny and it is gross. Bec is talking to homeless people. She is trying to learn about the Prophet Elijah. Found Him! I offered a homeless man some “Vicoden” but really it was Ibrophen 800MG. The “church” smells, like drugs. Someone tried to draw protective symbols on the wall. A lot of homeless people in here. Elijah gives people visions. He is breaking one of the laws of magic. He has been casting spells to make people loyal to them. The homeless girls vision is one of a demon that had wings and could breathe fire. She is cray cray. LaTonya is nuts.


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