Character Creation

Character Creation



Phase 5 as described in Your Story do not quite work for this game. It has always been my opinion that the Guest Star redux is typically pretty useless since you all either know each other or know of each other. Instead, this phase is about Agenda. What motivates you to get involved in the odd goings-on in the City? Do you have an agenda or set of beliefs that drives you? (Alternatively, we can have this phase be about Loyalties. To what or whom do you feel you owe allegiance?)


- PCs may not take powers costing -4 refresh with the following exceptions:
1) Seelie and/or Unseelie magic
2) True Shapeshifting and/or modular abilities
3) Sponsored magic (if the GM approves the sponsor)
- This restriction may be removed at a later date, but I make no guarantees (as some of the -4 powers are very good).
- For story reasons, the following templates are not allowed at PC creation: Knight of the Cross, Knight of a Faerie Court, Red Court Infected. (I am of the opinion that both Knight templates must be earned, so creating a PC pointing in that direction is fine. As I plan for this to take place after Changes, Red Court Infected no longer exist.)

New Template: Scion

Musts: Your high concept must reflect your lineage. This template is really an alternative to Changeling with the primary difference that you define your powers at PC creation, and you do not have the ability to gain new powers (although you can ‘advance’ powers).

Finally, you can find new powers here.

Character Creation

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