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Welcome to the Urban Jungle of Atlanta.

Upon discussion, we decided to set the date as early 2012. That gives us lots of wiggle room to avoid the campaign catching up to modern events, while not being so far in the past that certain technologies have noticeably changed.


The City is a Hub

Atlanta is internationally known as a hub of transportation and commerce. According to the BBC in 2013, Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport was the busiest airport in the world, and Atlanta itself is the 7th most visited city in the US. Looking back, we see Atlanta has been the hub of travel in the South since the 1850s. As it would make sense that the supernatural world would mirror the real world (or maybe that’s vice versa?), Atlanta is lousy with gates, portals, and Ways into the Nevernever. As these Ways developed, the city was the site of several supernatural conflicts. The most recent and significant of these supposedly took place in 1864, when the Summer Court used the cover of Sherman’s occupation to settle some scores.

Shortly after this point, a vanilla mortal in the know began contacting various supernatural nations in order to seek out a way to prevent these sorts of conflicts. He was successful, and the Demense of Atlanta was created and became a signatory to the Unseelie Accords. As Atlanta grew, the boundaries of that demense changed. In the 1960s, an agreement was reached whereby the limits of the demense were set at the Perimeter, I-285. When you are ITP, you are subject to the rules of the Night Council.

Currently, Atlanta deals with several problems. We have decided that the idea of the hub focuses on human and drug trafficking, traffic and the slow progress we sometimes see, and the cutthroat politics of the city. We see this all summed up as the Theme Aspect: Precarious Conclave.


The “City too Busy to Hate”

Despite this self-adopted moniker, Atlanta has a long standing tradition of mixing southern hospitality with good ole’boy racism. Racial tensions often run high in Atlanta, and progress has been slow. There is acceptance and tolerance, certainly, but it is often for show. Add to this the “bless your heart” approach of saccharine, backhanded compliments, and you end up with a city of people who do not say what they think. And it’s not just the mortals like this either; supernatural folks aren’t any better. There’s often a pro forma approach to unity from both the Night Council, which has become rife with political factions, as well as the various supernatural nations who often tolerate their own kind barely more than those who are not their kind. We see this summed up as the Theme Aspect: Thin Veneer.


A City Conflicted

Atlanta has, more than most cities, struggled at times with its identity. With so many transplants, so many people coming and going, so many tensions just below the surface, it is not surprising that there has been a bit of an identity crisis. That said, there are a few things that hold true: Atlanta has an active community of artists; Atlanta has numerous social gatherings and is the home to many hotels and convention centers (with Dragoncon being but one of several conventions); Atlanta has its share of predators (think crime, trafficking, and human predators as well as the supernatural types that feed on humanity). We see this summed up as the Threat Aspect: Active Nightlife.


The Status Quo

Mundanely speaking, this is exactly what you’d expect it to be: lots of people moving through the city, lots of traffic, tourists, cut throat politics, and all the crime that goes along with a city this size. Supernaturally speaking, nearly every sort of supernatural race is represented in Atlanta, and this definitely contributes to the precarious balance of power. Stranger yet, one cannot count on old loyalties to hold true. After all, the ultimate "nation" in Atlanta is the Night Council itself. Because of this, one might see spellcasters working with a Summer Fey & White Court vampire for a Councilor. One thing we do know is the Night Council's position on supernaturals: “If someone is not already in the know, they don’t need to know.” Thus, the Council tries to hide from mortals.


Supernatural Power Groups

  • White Court family runs human trafficking (more than one family)
  • Red Court refugee Councilor runs drug trade
  • Night Council: goal- don’t expose “us&rdquo
  • City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management
  • Summer Court
  • Svartalves OTP
  • Tylwyth Teg
  • White Council Rep (not on the Council)
  • New Orleans voodoo refugees
  • Paranet
  • el Chupacabra: were-coyote

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