Atlanta: Accorded City

Part 3

Chipped a tooth

We must spend the night in the hotel. We are having a slumber party, Bec went home. She didn’t want to deal with the sobbing ghost. I don’t blame her. A.T slept on the couch, Heidi and I slept on the couch. Heidi got a call from APD, her glass window was smashed in. She had to go down and file a report. She was not happy. Officer Ernie Hillman met her there and asked her if anything was missing. Someone threw a brick through her window. Animals!!! She had some expensive books stolen. They were are of the occult. They were in the back of the store and someone knew what they were looking for. One book, it was about ley lines and portals in Atlanta. Whoever broke in had some dark energy about them and there is more involved. It was a different dark energy then from the murder of the emissary.
The next day:
Heidi is a very tired, because of being up all night from the break in. I told her she looks like crap and she needs an espresso or maybe 4. We headed out to the Oakland Cemetery because we are looking for that demon. There were some homeless people in the cemetery. Bec found a man named Burt and asked about him about the girl we are looking for. Burt says he can’t talk about her. So, we take him to the Varsity and speak with Burt. Sonny the owner starts bringing us food. He says we are hungry, I don’t think I’m hungry. Burt starts talking about her. He says we need to be careful, because she might have her demons watching us. Willow Anne, is the name of the witch. When he says her name, the door bangs open. Sonny gave me a honey pie, man I must have been starving! Burt says that she hangs out at the cemetery all of the time. Never look her in the eye, she might read you. Bec has to take Burt somewhere safe, a shelter across town. So we go the cemetery without her.
The Oakland cemetery, unquiet resting place. Heidi starts breaking into Crypts and talking to ghosts. She is so weird, why would you want to talk to ghosts? We went to a part of the cemetery that was kind of run down, on the edge of the field. Heidi steps in and a body sits up and looks at her. She starts shooting at it. She says she found a black court vampire. We scared him. He was asking us what we needed from him. We found out her name is Willow Anne Heyward. He wants to taste one of us. Heidi keeps trying to feed me to him, but I made her do it. He took a big bite out of her and kept some of her flesh. Willow Anne, youngest sister of the new moon, young warlock for hire. She is of the Sisterhood of the New Moon. Her sisterhood is powerful and not to be trifled with. Bec finally showed up and she was made at Heidi because she made a deal with vampire. His name is Foucault. He is not involved in the murder of the emissary. She could be by the Bell Tower. So like idiots we head over there.
A.T. turns into a bird, flies into an open window, then comes down the stairs to let us in. It is a bell tower, visitors center, stairs, and a funeral parlor. A.T turned into a spider and opens a locked door for us. We are heading down to the basement. Why are we heading into the basement? It is mostly storage. A coffin storage room, yikes. A.T knocks on one of the doors and a girl looks at us all weird like. Apparently she is “staff”. Willow Anne says we need to leave. I want Starbucks!!! A.T. is making this very hard for us. I don’t think he knows how to talk to people. Willow seems closed off. She is hard to read.
Heidi hires her and goes to get her money. We go to her store and wait for her. When they get there, she asks her what she is into, supernaturally. Heidi is a psychic and Willow says she is full of crap. willow starts drawing lines and mumbling to herself. She was casting a spell. She asked Heidi who was she working for and apparently he left his dark energy behind. She is scared. She says she can’t tangle with him, because she already owes him. She is scratching at her arms. She is a meth head.
A.T is going to bring the brick to Heidi so she can read it. She sees too many people, leaving the Department of Watershed Management. The brick was picked up outside of city hall. The night council is somewhat involved in this. So we now have to go talk to the Smart Elves. We need to see if the emissary had any enemies. We are heading out to Stone Mountain, a little later than expected because of the damn traffic. Hilda Jessen is a Smart Elf and we need to talk to her. She is at the Davis house. We get into see her. She seems very happy to see us knowing we are trying to solve this murder. We start asking him questions about Nicklaus. She says that the Night Council should be held responsible. They are disorganized and weak. Smart elves are trying to strengthen the night council. Hilda says that Atlanta needs protection. We need to be protected from the portals and ley lines. Jonah Lomu, aquarium APM, Duchess Gwenivere, Luther Vanderhoff, and Jonas Gaviss people of the night council. Hilda is a bitch. I don’t like her.
We are going to see the red court refugee, Luther Vanderhoff at the Atlanta Underground. He runs a “massage parlor”. We are asking him questions about Nicklaus. Luther said that Nicklaus was not a good politician. He used gunboat diplomacy. He was not well-liked by anyone on the night council. Luther gave us the lead of a White Court Vampire.


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