Atlanta: Accorded City

A guilty party

So we went to speak to Luther Vanderhoff, he gave us the name of Jonas Skavis. He is a white court vampire. He was at a bar called the Black Bear Tavern. We get there and it is a nasty bar, it smells funny and someone is singing on stage and she sucks. This bar needs a facelift. We talk to Jonas, he seems Great, he is the most unhelpful person in the world. He knows who did it and will tell us, if, we support him for a political run. He feeds on despair.
We have to come back. Jonas is asking too much. We decided to go see Duchess Gwenivere, she is at the Botanical Garden. They have a tea tasting event, so we got in kind of easy. After tasting some of the tea we go find the Duchess. She is a Summer Court counselor. Before we get into see the duchess, a live ogre comes to life. He asks me questions about why we come to see her. I give the Silver Athaime to the Duchess and she gives me a sword. We ask her questions about the dead emissary. She gave cryptic answers. She spoke in circles. She told us that someone on the night council is responsible for the death of the emissary. Oh! and I owe her a favor.
We go back to Heidi’s store to go over some things. We need to talk through this. We are trying to figure out who had the means, motive, and opportunity. Jonas comes to mind as the guilty party. He sticks out to me as a bad person. We need to have him arrested and brought to justice.
So we go back to the black bear bar and to try and arrest Jonas. When we get there this guy comes running out and tries to bite A.T. He is very hungry. He ambushed us. I needed to get the sword out. He ripped apart A.T’s rotator cuff. A.T. turns into an alligator and punches the dude. Heidi then shoots the bastard, but nothing really happens. I take out the sword that the duchess gave me and I missed. I need to learn how to use this stupid thing. Why did she give me a sword? That bastard knocked out one of Bec teeth. Man, she just spit it out. It was freaking awesome. Heidi shot him again and she broke his jaw. I punched him in the jaw and then he started healing. WTF? just die already…We may need to run away. I knocked over a garbage pail on him and Bec picked it up and killed him with it. That was awesome.
I had to glamour the police because someone called them, they heard gunshots. I made the place look like some kids set off some fireworks. They thought I was a kid. We have to get rid of the body so we take a road trip and dump the body. It takes us all night to get there. We get back on Thursday morning.
We head back over to the black bear and it is closed. Bec starts doing a web search to find Jonas. We find out that he is a big drug lord. A.T. pulls up the file so that we can find an address for Jonas. His address is the same as Clayton Jefferson in Paces Ferry. So we head over there to confront the guys.
We ring the bell to get into see the Jonas. We meet a bouncer who is dressed to the T. When we finally get in, we meet Clayton Jefferson. Clayton Jefferson is a lawyer. He says that we should leave a card so that Clayton can bring down his cousin, Jonas down to the station to be questioned. He read Heidi. He is trying to hospitable. He has one ugly house. We do not like him at all. He southern accent is a crock of crap. He asked me to sell drugs for him.
After we leave Jefferson called Heidi back in to talk business. He wants to sell her some books about ley lines. She goes into business with him, she is cray cray.
While Heidi goes in, Bec starts to sneak around the house. I think she is going to break in. She is going to question the housekeeper. Bec found out where Jonas was, she texted us and said he was in the pool house. A.T turned into a coyote. We open the door for him to get Skavis out. A.T finds him at the end of the hall. He pretends to be the housekeeper to get him to open the door. When he opens the door, he was very surprised.


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