Atlanta: Accorded City

Part 4

Bringing him in

A.T. has asked Jonas to step out of the room. HE doesn’t want to, but he does turn around so, A.T. grabs at his shirt to lead him out, but the blood sucking fiend tries to knock the gun out of his hand. He is trying to disarm A.T. He knocked the gun out of his hand. There is a gun sitting on the floor. A.T. turned into an alligator. He is trying to knock Jonas down, but there isn’t any room and he missed. Bec steps in and tries to hit him with her sword. She barely nicked him and he gets angry. I that there was an open window so I ran around to but I haven’t gotten there yet. Then Jonas screamed something in a foreign language, picks up the gun, and swings at A.T. He is trying to club the FBI agent, but he missed. Then all of a sudden a Demon shows up. A.T. tries to bite him, but he is insubstantial. Then Bec hits Jonas with the sword. I finally get to the window, jump in, and throw some dust on him. I got him. Mwuhahaha. Agent Gator was hit by a fireball from the demon. Bec almost got herself mentally damaged. I picked up a hot lava lamp and tried to hit Jonas with it, but I missed, but I did make him see angels. He was scared. The agent bit him and he gave him some stress. Bec is trying to give me an advantage, by trying to intimidate him. So I tried to run into his legs and I totally miss. I was going to trip him, but that didn’t work out so well for me. He gave Bec a consequence. I bet that hurt. A.T has to dodge a new fireball. Bec tries to hit Jonas with the sword again, and she got him. I created clutter on the floor. A.T misses as an alligator. Bec did some awesome swinging, cut his Achilles heel, so we can hand him over to the Smart elves. I smack Jonas over the head with the lava lamp, knock him out, and the demon goes away. We have a prisoner.
I glamour the pool house, when Clayton Jefferson comes to the pool house. He tells Heidi that he is happy to be working with her and shakes her hand. I think I might throw up. We need to bring him to the elves. We bring him to Stone Mountain to bring to the Smart elves. We brought Hilda out to the car to show her Jonas Skavis. He was awake when we get to the car. Heidi tells Hilda that it was the uncle as well. Hilda takes Jonas and offers us food. She doesn’t believe Heidi and she doesn’t like Heidi. Hilda says that they won’t go to war with the Night Council. She seems disappointed with this, but tells us to thank the Night Council. Hilda wants the watch, the time traveling watch. Until she gets the watch back they are going to have unresolved issues.
Ooh we celebrate Starbucks, but we have to go to Longhorn first. Clayton Jefferson shows up to tells us that his “nephew” is missing. He wants us to find Jonas. He is not happy when we tell him no thanks, but he knows that we know something. We go talk to Kiesha Powell. She wants a report, so Agent writes one for her. We give it to her, but she wants to do it in front of the Night Council. She was amused that it was a written report and she wants this for every mission.
We are brought in front of Night Council. And low and behold Clayton Jefferson was there. He is proclaiming his innocence. We believe that he is guilty. So we go to Jefferson’s house to break in. I fly up to the window, get into the house, and I open the front door to let us all in. We go look in the jewelry case to look at his watches. We find one in a case in the living room. Heidi breaks into the case and she set off a silent alarm. Someone says, " You may take this, it is mine" He hurt Bec, freaking Demon. Heidi grabs the watch and tries to run, but ends up with 3rd degree burns. Bec grabs the watch and the demon throws fire at her. We manage to get away, but before Clayton shows up. He is more interested in why his house was on fire. We take Heidi to St Joseph’s hospital to the burn unit. On the way there we get a call from the Agent telling us that Clayton left. The nurse is in the know. They give Heidi some burn cream and tells us to have a great day. The nurses name was Mable.
We head back to Stone Mountain. Hilda’s man answers the door and he lets us in. She tells us that we found the right watch, but is doesn’t have the power in it. She dismisses us. Can you believe that? Freaking Bitch.
We go to Dairy Queen.


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